Hardwood Floor Repair, Restoration: MAKING A PERFECT FIX

Have you performed minor remodeling, fitted an in-floor electrical vent, had a water leakage, housebroken a pet or experienced other kinds of household disasters?

Well, these are the things that may damage your hardwood floor! But don’t worry! Our specialized team has the experience, technology and skill to fix damage sourced by any type of mishap.

Technicians at Majestic Hardwood Flooring can substitute damaged or defective boards found in your floor with the same grade and species of wood as it happen to be in the original flooring.

While performing the nail-down installation method we staple or nail down engineered or solid wood strips to your sub flooring (generally either plank wood or plywood). Then the floor will be done by using random length stripes. A small number of strips then are placed down and arranged before fastening to make sure appropriate placement & tightness.

While executing the glue-down installation procedure, we fasten engineered wood strips directly to our sub-floor. This procedure is most usually performed when your sub-floor is concrete. With glue-down installation procedure it’s essential to consider prospective allergic reaction to the adhesive or sensitiveness to the odor coming from the fumes of the glue. We make use of acrylic-based adhesive that’s milder than several other alternatives.

With glue-down installation method, floors can be used on the very next day of the installation.